About Love Your Landscape

As Britain becomes ever more built up, it is increasingly important that we ensure an effective balance of useful outdoor space within our communities for future generations to enjoy. Attractively designed and considered spaces provide a better quality of life, promote social interaction and allow consideration for the environment.

We aim to inspire people from every walk of life to help celebrate the great outdoors by helping to both build and protect our landscapes. We particularly seek consideration and involvement from community leaders, Local Authorities, influential professionals, landscape designers and architects who all have an impact on the future of your local outdoor spaces.

The campaign is open to any ideas and suggestions from you, so don’t hesitate if your project type is not listed, we still want to hear from you. Just some of spaces at the heart of the community that we will support include;

  • Open spaces and environments which improve health and wellbeing e.g. gardens, parks and recreation grounds
  • Educational projects at schools, colleges and homes
  • Regeneration projects
  • Heritage sites and monuments
  • Clean up projects
  • Neighbourhood activities such as sponsored walks
  • and in many more…..

If you have a project in mind and would like to nominate it for consideration, you can do so by completing the online form telling us why your landscape could do with some extra loving care.

Let us help you Love Your Landscape…

Sponsored by Brett

One hundred years of building relationships

Launched during the Brett centenary year, Brett have always been keen to ensure that all of its business activities are as considerate as possible to both the local community and environment. To celebrate this, it made sense to plan the launch of Love Your Landscape in 2009, which we all hope will continue far beyond.

Brett ensures that all its business activities are as considerate as possible to the local community and environmentInspiring people to celebrate the great outdoors
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Love Your Landscape is an initiative from Brett Landscaping