Brett and the Community Landscape - Our Environmental Approach

For Brett, success and environmental performance go hand in hand. All of our operations consider their impact on the environment. The sensitive way in which we design, manage and work our land consistently receives positive recognition and acclaim from independent sources and are substantiated by:

Our aim is to provide benefits to the environment and promote biodiversity. As pressure on our countryside and coastline increases, so does our commitment to protecting our heritage. The natural environment and its materials are the foundation of our business – we see our responsibility as a balance between supplying products to meet society’s needs while respecting and conserving the land.

We provide core funding for the Kentish Stour Countryside Project which protects and enhances the natural surroundings and biodiversity of the environment right along the River Stour which crosses the South East of England. Brett are also involved in numerous conservation activities such as supporting the Kent Wildlife Trust and protecting the habitat of rare bird species in Charing quarry.

Image depicting Brett's environmental approach

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Image depicting Brett's environmental approach
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