Brett Landscaping Celebrates Accreditation Success

Brett Landscaping is celebrating after achieving a full suite of key management, environmental, and Health & Safety accreditations across all of its UK operations. The company’s success in securing BS EN ISO 9001, 14001, OHAS 18001 and now BES 6001 means that Brett Landscaping is one of the few building material manufacturers which can offer the market full auditability and traceability across its concrete paving business.

Speaking about the success, Managing Director Chris Droogan said; "This is a phenomenal achievement and underlines our commitment to sustainability and good practice. Brett Landscaping is a company which constantly strives to improve its performance credentials and is always eager to illustrate to the marketplace that we are as good as our word. We actively engage with all of our stakeholders in publishing our Sustainability and Responsible Sourcing Report which clearly sets out the targets that we set ourselves in terms of general sustainability principles, and on all levels we are working hard to ensure our operation is as efficient and ethical as possible."

BES 6001 has been developed by the BRE and sets out responsible sourcing and sustainability standards. This new standard sits comfortably alongside Brett Landscaping’s ongoing commitment to the Ethical Trading Initiative, as well as the other recognized standards that drive the business forwards; BS EN ISO 9001 to evaluate quality management systems, BS EN ISO 14001 setting out environmental management systems, whilst OHAS 18001 is concerned with Brett Landscaping’s proactive management of Health & Safety.

Today businesses source products from the four corners of the World. BES 6001 and the ETI Base Code provide reliable benchmarks against which every organisation can be judged. If customers fail to check on how their products are sourced they can unwittingly be exposed to potentially serious exploitation risks with consequent adverse PR and ethical implications. For Brett Landscaping, BES 6001 and adopting the ETI Base Code clearly underline their ongoing commitment to responsible sourcing and provide reassurance to their customer base.

"Sourcing materials responsibly is important to Brett Landscaping." continues Chris Droogan; "We are a company which exists to improve the environment; both physically and socially. It is therefore essential that our business benefit the community in all respects, from our sourcing of materials through to our efficient and responsible manufacture of product which we then distribute throughout the UK. We also seek to actively engage with local community project sponsorship via our successful Love Your Landscape Initiative launched in 2009."

"We are delighted to have achieved these accreditations and thanks must go to all staff across our sites who have put in the extra effort to ensure we meet the required standards."

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Love Your Landscape is an initiative from Brett Landscaping