Green House Project

Huntingdonshire District Council has established a project, with support from the BRE, to investigate how existing domestic properties can be refurbished affordably and easily to achieve current Code for Sustainable Homes (CfSH) Level 6 standards of performance. This serves not only to reduce Carbon emissions but to provide healthier homes that are cheaper, comfortable and more efficient to run.

The work was conducted on two separate properties in St Ives and St Neots and will provide an essential demonstration and educational resource for home owners, housing providers, tradesmen, local suppliers and educational establishments.

Given that new build housing, which is covered by the CfSH, only accounts for approximately 120,000 new units per year alongside the existing housing stock of around 22,000,000 the importance of retrofitting sustainability measures to existing properties will have to form a key part of our national strategy going forwards.

As a part of the development both properties considered the impact of surface water run-off and site ecology. For these reasons Brett Landscaping were happy to support this project with the supply of permeable paving for use on both sites to ensure that the risk of flooding is minimized. At the same time the filtration of surface water pollutants as they pass through the sub-base will ensure that water leaving the site will be of a higher quality in line with the stated aim of enhancing biodiversity on the two sites.

The use of Brett Landscaping product on both of these sites allowed for minimal transport to site as well as allowing the project to draw upon our assistance with project support.

The initial benefits of the scheme are already been measures by the BRE and can be found at www.greenhouseproject.co.uk where site visits can also be arranged.

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Green House Project
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