Manufacturer / Designer Partnership Returns for RHS Tatton Park

Wild Flowers of Inver

Brett Landscaping has once again partnered with Irish garden designer Stephen Dennis to deliver an inspirational garden for RHS Tatton Park 2011 which picked up a Silver Medal at the show. This is the second time the two have worked together following success at The Malvern Autumn Show 2010 which saw the partnership create an unusual market kitchen inspired garden.

The new show garden, entitled ‘Bláthanna Fiáine an Inbhir’ which translates to ‘Wild Flowers of Inver’, recreates the dramatic natural beauty of Inver on the west coast of Republic of Ireland, with three large grass mounds mimicking the rolling hills of Inver. Tough and hard-wearing Natural Limestone in ‘Mystic Sky’ has been donated by Brett Landscaping and is being used for the patio at the centre of the garden to recreate the mineral colours which are the foundation of landscapes in the region.

Jane Campion of Brett Landscaping comments: “We particularly enjoy working with Stephen. He is a very passionate designer who knows how to use materials to great effect. The ‘Wild Flowers of Inver’ garden will capture the raw and natural beauty of Inver.

"Brett Landscaping materials can be used to create a vast range of moods and emotions and Stephen is using a fantastic palette of materials for the garden. He is also being very creative with the plants for the garden and is using many varieties native to the Inver area. The finished garden will certainly be dramatic."

Stephen Dennis added: "I’m really excited about coming back to RHS Tatton Park with Brett Landscaping this year. Our award winning partnership has resulted in success and the company has some great material. The team is also great to work with and are very supportive. We are certainly hoping to replicate our previous award winning success.

"Hard landscaping is not something which should be overlooked when planning a garden. Our garden this year demonstrates the central role paving and aggregates can play in a garden design and the effects which can be created by their clever use. We will be using Brett Landscaping’s limestone paving to create a relaxing place to unwind and to enjoy the surroundings of the garden, while their decorative stones will form the base of the pond to add sparkle to evening entertaining.

The partnership of Brett Landscaping and Stephen Dennis has enjoyed success at previous major events, having previously won an award at the RHS Show Tatton Park.

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Manufacturer / Designer Partnership Returns for RHS Tatton Park
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