Whittington Cricket Club

When Whittington Cricket Club needed to improve their facilities they were well supported by over 200 local volunteers from the community – including Dennis Amiss, Deputy Chairman of the English Cricket Board, Staffordshire all-rounder, Danielle Wyatt as well as Michael Fabricant MP – making it exactly the type of community project that Love Your Landscape was established to support.

When Brett Landscaping were approached about possibly helping the scheme we were happy to provide our Omega concrete block paving to surface the car parking area of the site – whilst Dave Evans provided the manpower for the installation over the weekend.

As work progressed the club Vice Chairman and project leader, Richard Abell, said "It’s a massive challenge for a club to develop a new ground starting from scratch but with the support of the community and local businesses such as Brett Landscaping the project is becoming a reality."

The installation comes at a time when the Government is looking to promote the concept of the ‘Big Society’ and initiatives to improve the health and fitness of the nation as a whole – and as British cricket is enjoying sucesss around the World.

Andrew Gill, Project Manager for Love Your Landscape at Brett Landscaping, said: "We are always happy to help wherever possible with innovative, well supported, community projects such as Whittington Cricket Club and are only too pleased that this donation will help develop British cricketing stars of the future."

The products were donated through Brett Landscaping’s Love Your Landscape initiative which donates paving products to help to renovate public outdoor spaces and make a difference to the environment for future generations to enjoy.

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Whittington Cricket Club
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